Easy Website Optimization Techniques

Web page optimization means getting your website on search engines to be found by people in search results. Learn SEO or employ an SEO expert to optimize your website. See guidelines for beginners with the easiest website optimization techniques to have an idea what is SEO.

1. Site Optimization

Start with on-page improvements by inserting pieces of code into your website. Very important are meta tags and titles. You have to know exactly what to expect from your website, what your website visitors have to do and how to engage with your content, and analyze conversions. Free tools like Google Analytics come in hand.

Tip: Before to begin writing meta tags and copy for your website, do a keyword research with free online tools.

SEO for WordPress could be done easily with plugins (see how to use Yoast Seo), but this is a tool rather for checking tags than creating. Yoast SEO settings include:

– Title and Meta Descriptions
– Follow / Nofollow
– Index / Noindex
– and much more, especially if you have a premium plan.

If you want to learn more, read/watch WordPress SEO tutorials and visit https://codex.wordpress.org/ to have an in-depth understanding of this CMS used for your website and how to optimize your website.

Why would you want to search engine optimize your website?

No secret, we live in the digital era. “The ‘internet of things’ is already a reality, with tens of billions of connected digital devices expected in the EU by 2020.” (Source: http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/cyber-security/). If just a fraction of digital users would visit your website, you would have bigger chances to accomplish your goals with your site!

Top SEO consultants are aware of the increasing usage of secure connections. Recommendations to align your site with security certificates are higher than ever.

2. Use Https Connection

Invest in the security of your website and users are more confident to share the passion for your site. They know chances are less to invade their private data. Https connection is not anymore just a caprice, it is a thing to do for showing that you really care about your site visitors.

Find the best solution for a secure connection, with the help of an SEO agency (possible that agency you collaborate already) or your hosting provider. It doesn’t have to be a big SEO agency, because independent SEO consultants specializing in https connections are ready to give you the best option based on your site needs.

Aside from a secure connection, your website has to be fast and adjusted to any device that your visitors might use.

Tip: All your site elements have to be delivered over a secure connection. Otherwise, browsers notify users or even block running your site.

3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Any website could be seen on the desktop as long as there are no connection errors. No matter which code has been used to develop your website, browsers will recognize it and show it to virtual visitors.

Issues may arise if online visitors are coming from mobile phones, iPhones, tablets and any other mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are that visitors will not understand anything, see an image on the screen that seems to be no longer running, chaotic screen, and in most cases, they end up to leave it as quickly as possible!

Employ a web developer or do it by yourself (if you are confident about your IT skills) and make sure your website is mobile-friendly. After is done, test your website on several mobile devices and use free online tools such as https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Professional SEO consultants come up with a custom SEO strategy after you say very clearly what your intentions and goals are with your site. In time, small adjustments to your SEO plan in order to achieve the best or the desired performance, are certainly done. Several reasons back up this. One of them is related to users behaviour that is changing over time and to the continued development of search engines.

Search engine optimization guideline and tips are always backed up by rules. White hat rules. Use only web page optimization best practices without compromising anything. Free website optimization means you do it by yourself. But this is free-of-money, not free-of-your-time.

Probably using Website Optimization Services is the best alternative when you want to grow your business without affecting your time for this. “Optimize my website for this and for this” is pretty common demand.

Website Optimization Techniques Summary

  • ¬†Definition of SEO embraces multiple descriptions, though the overall idea is to do improvements to a website in order to have a better position in the search engines results page.
  • Find the best website optimization company who will optimize your site for search engines and make sure they know how to do SEO by using white-hat tools only.
  • Before employ to anything else, read about search engine optimization basics. You have to know about those little pieces of code will be implemented into your website, even you do not this by yourself.
  • Optimize website for users and search engines in order to be found easier in search results page. Basics of search engine optimization techniques include this simple rule.
  • Keep in mind that website and SEO services are strongly related. Just like keyword research plus related terms is vital for your site, SEO coexists with your site.
  • Search engine optimization for your website means more than good content. However, stay away from over-optimization.¬† Think about website optimization as a normal weighted activity.
  • Search online site optimization tutorials. Google has an important guide for starters related to search engine optimization.
  • Make regular website analysis, see where your site needs improvements, and where is so good that you attract so many visitors. Free website analysis tools are available.


Make sure the SEO agency you select, use white-hat web search optimization techniques without any exception. The agency knows what is SEO and how to get a website to online users and has the SEO best practices checklist in place.

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