SEO: Get Started with Search to Attract Clients to Your Business

Search engines make it simple to find what you are looking for online. With a click of a button, with a voice search. How search engines work and how can you improve your visibility on them? We show you the difference between organic and paid search results and why advertising on search engines has advantages.

1. About search engines

Search engines are like an online catalogue and connect searchers with what they are looking for. Thus, they are great marketing tools. Market your business on Search engines. Why? Read more to find out.

Search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, Baidu, use computer programs to sort through a massive number of web pages and give “answers” to a search query.

Automatically, the search engine compares that query to its catalogue of web pages, pulling out the best matches to show the seeker. These are displayed on SERP Search Engine Results Pages.

The most relevant list of results possible is created by search engines in order to help searchers find what they are looking for. The results page includes links to websites, local business listings, items for sale, advertisements, images, maps, videos and more.

2. How search engines are helpful for your business

Any category of businesses could benefit. You own a beauty salon? Or you deliver services to your clients places? Stores, salons, as well any products and services provided have huge advantages if these are in SERP. If someone searches for beauty salon London – that’s could be you! – this is the perfect opportunity to appear on the search results page.

In the same way, if you’re a technician who repairs PCs and laptop units, or a local takeaway ready to deliver dinner, you want to show up when people search for related words and phrases.

Why? Because the words entered into the search engine indicate the searcher is interested in your products and services, right now.

See why search is such a great place to be? It’s a way to target people who are already looking for you. Many marketers will tell you that the search is essential to their online marketing strategy.

If you’re a business interested in promoting products and services online, being on search is a pretty safe bet. We are a team of professionals with SEO and Lead Generation skills. Contact us to set up a proper SEO strategy for your business.

Do you get it how search engines work and why it is important for your business to be in Search? Let`s recap.

Search engines inspect in detail all the pages on the internet, sort them and put them into a logical order when you search for something. Your website has to be well-coded with the right categories and properly SEO optimized to allow search engines to see your site correctly.

Experienced SEO professionals realize how search engines find web pages, what they do with the web pages they find and how they decide what to show on search results pages. Search engines use their own software, but their mode of operation is based on following principles.

3 tasks are performed by search engines:

1. First, they inspect in detail content they learn about and are allowed to see (crawling).

2. Second, they sort each piece of content (indexing).

3. Third, they determine which content is most useful to seekers (ranking).

Search engines crawl the online environment to discover content, like web pages, videos, images. Each search engine uses computer programs called “bots” (short for robot), “crawlers” or “spiders” to check pages online.

The bots hop from page to page by following links to other and these bots never stop. They visit and revisit pages looking for new links and new content to include in the index.

Indexing is the second part of the process. The index is a gigantic list of all the web pages and content found by the bots. The search engine uses this index as the source of information displayed on the search results pages.

But, not everything the bots find makes it into a search engine’s index. For example, search engines may find multiple copies of the exact same piece of content, located on different websites. So if you own a website that’s selling products, you better write your own description for those products.

Let`s say you own a shop. Your mobile accessories shop is unique. It has original parts for mobile devices and services to pick up outofwarranty devices for a price based on device condition. What techniques you could use to make your website more relevant to your desired users?

Point out unique aspects of your business, write a blog about how to protect mobile devices with accessories, make sure your shop appears on Google maps, try to get other enthusiasts to review your website. In any case, don’t paste content from other site. If lots of sites use the same content then it will be hard for any of them to stand out in the search list.


Let`s talk about ranking now. When you type in a search, the engine compares the words and phrases you use to its index, looking for matching results. Let’s say, for example, the search engine finds 230 million matching results. Now it’s time for the last part of the search engine’s task: ranking.

The way search engines rank pages is top secret, they say. There are hundreds of ways search engines determine rank, including things like the words on the page, the number of other websites linking to it, and the freshness of the content. But no matter what formula they use to determine rank, the goal remains the same: to try to connect the searcher with what they are looking for.


Search engines are constantly working to digg the web for content, organise it and then display the most relevant results to searchers. Understanding this process will help you make your website the best it can be and hiring seo experts it could be the best decision you make it today.

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