SEO Packages

Check our SEO services detailed for any website you have.

1. Platinum SEO for  €1,000.00

Buy the PLATINUM SEO package to dominate the online environment.

2. Gold SEO  for €500.00

GOLD Seo prepares your website for national and international visibility.

* Combined with Local SEO, this service package delivers optimum results for both, local and national ranking.

3. Local SEO for €300.00

Increase your local awareness with the Local Seo Package.

4. Social Media for €1,500.00

Order complete social media strategy, with explanatory steps and real content-to-post for brilliant online media growth

Contact us for any SEO activity you need and social media strategies in order to increase your online visibility. We send you all the info you want including WHEN and WHAT RESULTS we have to deliver to receive your payment.